Renowned for fronting London's The Urban Voodoo Machine, meticulously amalgamating the roles of Ring Master and Demonic Preacher, Paul-Ronney Angel is a songwriter and performer for our times. Once seen, never forgotten - his presence both onstage and recording is electrifyingly captivating - which is why his live performances are so well-revered and this music has been covered by numerous artists involved in a plethora of genres.
Having founded The UVM in 2003, they have since released four esteemed studio albums, a multitude of singles, two compilation albums and have played on countless stages around the world, making them a firm live favourite.
2020 hit and with it followed a year like no other, as COVID-19 ravaged the planet and the entertainment industry as a whole ground to an impromptu full stop. Well-known for being one of the hardest working men on the scene, the brakes were unceremoniously slammed on for Mr Angel. Yet he didn't stop, but instead he turned direction, grabbed the reins and set off a lockdown journey like no other; playing weekly live 'lockdown' shows totaling 63 to date, as well as creating perhaps his most innovative and personal work to date - his unparalleled debut album 'London Texas Lockdown'.
Paul-Ronney Angel: 'I don't do anything but play music, so when all my shows were suddenly cancelled, I had a bit of a panic. I soon started to do live streams though and have now done weekly shows for well over a year. It's kept me sane and the money from the virtual tip-jar has put food on the table for my family during this time.'
Titled to capture how the mechanics of the album were recorded during the '20-21 pandemic lockdown both in London and Texas, the album resonates the atmosphere of the uncertainty of the time. It is
infused with toe-tapping blues, rockabilly, country, gospel and soul to produce a multifaceted amalgamation of tracks that look back at the pandemic's lockdown period, while celebrating its demise with a flurry of rock n roll, that owes as much to its earliest blues roots as it does to the vibrant scene it finds itself part of.
Mr Angel himself plays a heady plethora of instruments on the album including Acoustic, Lap steel, Spanish and Electric guitars, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Moroccan Gunibri, Piano, Electric Bass, Rainstick, Vibraslap, Cabasa, Banjo and Harmonica; all of which demonstrate perfectly his multi-talented musicianship.

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